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Community Access provides support to people, based on individual interest and need, to access a full range of community resources. The program is supported through a PDD contract. People are supported to access the community for their recreation and leisure interests, to have community connections, to volunteer in their community, and to trail work experience placements.


The Community Living program offers an array of individualized community based services that assist people to live as independently as possible in their community. There are 24-hour staffed community living arrangements, an outreach Independent Living Support program for people with developmental disabilities and a Community Living Support program for people with an acquired brain injury. Supports are funded through PDD, Child and Family Services, as well as ABIN, and Aspen Regional Health.


Community Employment supports offer people employment preparation and employment placement options. Some individuals are supported to develop skills for employment and to explore the world of work and others are supported to maintain employment. Please contact Sharon for more information.


Community Council meets at 1:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Everyone is welcome to attend the Community Council meetings. Peer Group activities are held each afternoon from Monday-Friday at 1:00pm. Those who are interested in group activities will be allocated a specific number of groups each month, and then may choose which group activities to participate in. Please contact Judy for the group monthly schedules.


Family Support provides in and out of home respite and rehabilitation aide supports to families who have a child with a developmental disability. This program is funded through Child and Family Services Authorities programs. Please contact Sharon for more information.


This program provides up to 10 hours per week of support for people who are living with an acquired brain injury. These supports are funded through ABIN.

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